I have not touched water for about a day. I can feel the itch reverberating through my back and my shoulder but I just could not bear the cold. I hope my kids are doing ok in school. I hope I can go back to school as soon as possible.


under the weather

I have been feeling a little unwell for the past few weeks.I don’t know why. Probably I am just slighty under the weather. Now that I think about it, it might be my body is begging for a break. I know I am not that young anymore butĀ I guess I cannot let go the past when I was just a ball of energy waiting to be released..

Time to learn my new limit.


Sometimes I wish I had a normal childhood. But then, I think to myself, if I were normal, I would be so boring..


Kamu bilang ini hal yang sederhana. Aku bilang ini mungkin ini masalah hormon belaka. Bukan untuk tiap manusia, banjir endorfin datang tiba-tiba tanpa perlu nampang di acara ramalan cuaca?

Rasanya aku semakin paham mengapa menatap matamu saja harusnya sudah terhitung dosa..

Jumat Malam

Malam bertambah larut, galau jati diriĀ antara malam dan sejenak sebelum pagi. Mataku sudah bertambah berat, matamu sudah mulai memerah. Dan beginilah, di persimpangan antara hidup kita yang masih terpisah, kita sibuk memutuskan kapan saat paling tepat untuk mengucap selamat malam.




[bukan] Romantika

Kamu dan aku memulai perjalanan ini dengan sebuah kesadaran tentang realita. Aku tak akan minta janji sehidup semati. Perjalanan ini pilihan kita. Bukan kewajiban semata. Kita sudah cukup punya kewajiban yang tak mungkin dipilih. Tak akan kubuat kamu terseok dirantai janji berbaut emosi.

Aku tidak bisa menjanjikanmu cinta seumur hidup. Seumur hidup bukan cuma sebulan dua. Hidupku tidak hanya berisi kamu semata. Sama seperti kamu. Dua per tiga waktu, kita akan punya dunia yang berbeda. Seperlima duniaku, kujanjikan hanya untuk kita. Kalau kamu pikir kata-kataku hanya permainan belaka, hidupku bukan lapangan sepak bola.

Aku juga tidak janji akan menerimamu apa adanya. Karena cepat atau lambat kamu juga akan mengerti sulitnya menerima kebiasaaan anehku saat menyikat gigi. Kuingatkan sekali lagi, kita bersama bukan karena kita klon yang diciptakan dengan gender yang berbeda. Tak bisa kukatakan aku mampu mencintaimu tanpa pretensi. Satu dirimu cukup bagiku. Jika aku tak cukup untukmu, dengan senang hati aku akan melangkah pergi.

Lebih baik segera kamu sadari, aku tidak bisa berjanji tak akan membuat kamu kecewa memilihku. Sekarangpun saat kamu dibutakan asmara, jangan sekali-kali kamu anggap aku sempurna. Jangan kamu cintai aku karena sebuah ilusi. Aku bukan bintang, indah saat jauh dari gapaian, hanya untuk membakar anganmu menjadi debu ketika mampu kamu lihat satu per satu. Kita memilih untuk bersama karena kita berjanji akan berusaha saling mengerti, menjadi lebih baik dari hari ke hari. Aku mencintaimu tanpa alasan dan aku harap kamu pun demikian.

Kamu dan aku memulai perjalanan ini dengan sebuah kesederhanaan: kita akan saling menjaga. Aku tak punya cukup mimpi untuk kamu kagumi, atau keceriaan tempat kamu mampu bersandar. Yang aku punya hanya satu cinta, kujanjikan selama kita saling menjaga.


inspired by some posts and the corrs’ Humdrum

Tioman is famous for its beaches and the clear greeny water. for a mouth watering picture blog, visit http://www.malaysia-islands.com/html/tioman/beach/tulai.shtml
and seriously, pictures don’t lie.


  • Book everything before you leave Singapore to avoid disappointments. For a more adventurous outlook (without any bookings, you can read my friend’s blog here)
  • Singapore-Mersing, fivestar tour and travel bus departs to Mersing daily 6.30 am from Singapore from golden mile complex. It costs 35 SGD one way on peak season. Reserve the seat in advance. They will try their best to reach Mersing in time for 11 am Ferry to Tioman. Another option like hopping bus (Singapore-Larkin-Mersing or Singapore-Larkin-Kota Tinggi-Mersing) is possible, however not guaranteed that you can reach Mersing in time and you may have to spend the night in Mersing.
  • Mersing-Tioman, the ferry is notoriously hard to book by itself. If you want to book the ferry only, book it 10 days in advance (http://www.myoutdoor.com/reserve/ferry_reservation.htm) . I will suggest you ask the resort to book the ferry for you. You will pay the same price 35RM one way, 70RM two ways. They will make sure you get the slot aboard the ferry at your preferred time.
  • Mersing-Singapore, buses booked from Singapore is more expensive. So we decided to take transnasional bus from Mersing to Singapore. It costed us a third of Fivestar buses at 26RM (approx 12 SGD). It saved us time, a lot. Since the other option of getting out of Mersing is omnibus that took forever waiting for passengers.


  • We did our research in http://www.journeymalaysia.com to get the nice place to stay in Tioman. We decided to stay in the northenmost Kampung Salang since it is the nearest kampung to Coral Island (Pulau Tulai) that offers the nice spot for snorkeling.
  • As suggested by a friend, I asked the travel advisor to book us a place in Salang Indah Resort. Unfortunately, the resort was full. She suggested another place called Salang Sayang Resort. The place is located at the southern part of the kampung. It’s a nice, quiet place by the beach. A triple room chalet costs 180RM per night. I find out that only Salang Sayang and Salang Indah are located by the beach. The rest of the resort is located behind these two resort, but still, not that far from the beach.


  • Every resort has their own boat to accommodate guests who want to go snorkeling to nearby Coral Island. After going around, the standard package for Coral Island trip is 70RM (3 spots, including all the gears). The first one is on a rocky sea near the beach. lots of colorful fishes comes after your bread (bring lots of bread). The last one is near the stones in the middle of the sea where coral reef sharks are sometimes seen.
  • The best out of the 3 is the pasir panjang. It’s in the beach of Coral Island. We were so near to the beach, yet the fishes are sooo amazing. Shame on me, I did not have any waterproof camera.
  • Diving can be arranged with the PADI diving shops abundantly located along the beach.


  • Resorts offer 3D2N package that includes accommodation,2 ways ferry ticket, buffet meals, BBQ, and snorkeling trip for -hold your breath- 420RM (Approx 200SGD) per person. Meals are not that expensive in the island, and believe me you won’t ate that much unless you are as big as the Scandinavians. Less amount of money paid my whole trip including 2 ways bus ticket, snacks, and tit bits that we purchased for the stay.
  • Always be ready at the jetty at least 15 minutes before the departure time written in your ticket. It happened when we were about to go back to Singapore. After we board the ferry, the ferry just leaves eventhough it’s only 9.17 am (our ticket is 9.30 am).
  • When you go back to the mainland, DO NOT take any ferry latter than 9.30 am. All buses leave Mersing before 2pm. If you take the latter ferries, you may have to take omnibus to kota tinggi first.
  • We did go to Salang Indah restaurant almost for every meal cause their restaurant is more happening than our resort’s. They have good selections of both malay and thai food. Their fried rice portion is gigantic. Try their kerabu fried rice. It tastes a bit like Javanese’ trancam and really really addictive.
  • Book snorkeling trip with your resort. Our boat rider from Salang Sayang is a very nice man who brought his kid. He helped me out when my snorkeling googles kept leaking sea water. He also handed me some breads to attract the fishes and waited very patiently when we looked reluctant to leave pasir panjang. *haha*
  • Weather can change so fast in the island. Bring some towels to fend the cold air when moving from one snorkeling spot to the other.
  • Kain Bali (the beach cloth), can be useful to sit on the beach or to cover the body.
  • Salang is a really quiet place. Televisions are only available in the public areas. So, pack some books and card games to spend time with your friends.
  • Last but not least, book everything beforehand. It eases your travel and saves you the trouble. Especially if you do not speak the language. Tioman is famous among Singaporeans and locals so bus tickets run out very fast.

will post another travel summary